Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nature Provides

I haven't been blogging much lately.

I have, on the other hand, been journaling again. There's something about pen to paper that I can't let go of. It makes me wonder, with all of the technology, if handwriting will be a lost art.

I often take notes in my journal when reading. The quotes that catch my eye are catalogued in blue, black, green... whatever color ink I have available immediately.

One has been with me for a week now. I'm currently reading The Master-Key to Riches by Napoleon Hill. In the edition I have, page 71 says: "Nature provides the sources of food for every living thing, but every creature must labor before it may eat that food."

Said another way, I'm going to eat well; I simply must continue the labor associated...

When I say grace these days, I thank the sun rays, the rich soil, the rain water, the earth worms, photosynthesis, breath, the farmers, those who package, the truck drivers, the grocers, the magic that is our digestive system and the beautiful beautiful cook(s) that prepared it. I thank my body for being my place of worship, promising that I will continue a relationship that is mutually beneficial. I pray that the actions I take from the energy I receive "feed" others so that we may all do God's work.

Then I say... Ashe.