Videos featuring my voice and likeness.

I got married! It was a surprise wedding. I didn't know it was happening until they showed up with a hair, makeup, a dress and some cameras... Aug 2, 2015.

My vision for our young people.

When Alex Colby captures a memory... A Great Day in Brooklyn reminiscing.

#BeGreat, 2015 Sista-2-Sista Youth Summit.

Travel Noire feature discussing my relationship to travel.

Creative Morning's Talk - Audacity of Purpose.

Thoughts on fear with #Make60Proud, a LiquidTalent production.

#WeAreTheOnes, 2014 Sista-2-Sista Youth Summit.

Talking about what schools could be.

Discussing how failure leads to success and the importance of action in life.

Why we do this work.

Spreading love, the Brooklyn Way.

Sharing my view on how TFP could impact Detroit.

Playing McGill's mama.

Sharing about what it was like to meet Syreeta Gates.

In solidarity with my tribe.

In community with influential women on the brink of brilliance.

Talking about the tribute to Spike Lee.

A Halloween celebration by PlanIt Brooklyn.

Creating a stage play about the adventures on the A train.

An aha moment.

The work with our girls.

A campaign to encourage citizens to take on change themselves.

Documenting work with the youth.