March 10, 2006

So on March 4, 2006 Alicia Boone gave me this journal. Earlier that morning she had made us pancakes and I thought of an idea I thought her editor friend could take on. I am always coming up with cool ideas (toot toot!). And I always wish I could either do them all or have some people who believed in me and my vision so much that they'd take it on. Thanks to Alicia, now I can at least write them down! Because who knows? Maybe one day I'll have all the resources and leadership skills needed to take all of them on for real FOR REAL!

That is the opening page of my actual "Next Great Idea" book (as seen in the photo). I started writing down each idea as it came into the book. They are numbered and I've created an index.

Frans Johansson of The Medici Effect says:
"Ground-breaking innovators generate and execute far more ideas... innovative people tend to fail a lot more than people that don't innovate."

(I guess I'm sharing that to keep myself motivated. Ha! See Johansson's "The Secret Truth about Executing Great Ideas" on the99percent.com.)

Since I am more interested in being a source for great ideas and them happening than I am in my actually doing them, I have chosen to post them. They are entered sometimes with lots of description, and other times as a phrase.

A number of them are realities: going on tour with Climbing PoeTree (#6), run a 5K with Evelyn (#8), Spike Lee Tribute (#25), The Stoop (#35), and on and on.

If you like the idea, had the idea, want to help make hit happen, or saw an idea already fulfilled, let me know.  See the growing list on this page.

  1. A collection of stories of women who created great things as a result of a breakup or divorce; some of the stories will be shared in women's magazines as excerpts from the book
  2. A consulting firm that guides the urban wealthy with vehicles in philanthropy that most inspire them; I want to have everyone experience themselves as a contribution
  3. Bring entrepreneurial and activist education, graphic & visual arts to Piney Woods
  4. A career book that guides lovers of hip hop to the plethora of opportunities (i.e. contract/entertainment law, accounting, convert/event planning, club owner, graphic design, music video/film director, stylist, editor)
  5. PDA software for Joost Elffers' The Secret Language of Relationships
  6. Roadie with Naima & Alixa - Hurricane Season - ACCOMPLISHED*
  7. postcard book of Hurricane pics (families) of Betty's w/ Pomegranate*
  8. Run a 5K with Evelyn*
  9. Magazine article with people under 30 who believe their relationships are going to stand the tests of time w/ men and women asked the same questions
  10. Write article about children of incarcerated people creating new relationships with parents
  11. Philanthropy Section for William Magazine*
  12. Write magazine articles about Climbing PoeTree and S.T.I.T.C.H.E.D. *
  13. Healing and education sessions with poetry, discussion, and quilt additions all over the world.
  14. Add Naima & Alixa to A Little Child Shall Lead Them*
  15. Finding ways to help New Orleans youth deal with PTSS in schools.
  16. Jaha testimonial about her mom, education, and belief in what's possible.*
  17. Publish Naima & Alixa's children's book.
  18. Get an MBA in Non-Profit and Public Administration
  19. Create a documentary that highlights the forced sterilization of women of color.*
  20. Create high school and college film festivals*
  21. African American flash cards for kids with accompanying book. Like this...
  22. Choose your own adventure movies (animation for kids)
  23. Brooklyn Smoothie Truck (Fuse handles the wrap!)
  24. Movie Themed Parties*
  25. Spike Lee Tribute - ACCOMPLISHED*
  26. Tattoo Book of Women of Color (w/ various female photographers)
  27. Young women travel to interview the young photographers in Born into Brothels
  28. Church - a show (or party) that touches, moves & inspires; healing, reconciliation, celebration*
  29. Directory of solar powered and energy efficient brick & mortar enterprises in New York, Boston, LA, SF, Chicago and DC (i.e. schools, restaurants, lounges/clubs/bars, etc)*
  30. Data Match for Nyree, Naeema, Malika and Jam's schools - best school fundraiser!
  31. Website for us to get kickbacks by shopping at our favorite stores. All money is given to growing a business and another half to build a school. An affiliate program.*
  32. The Reconstruction Period and So Live! Arts Movement go through the South doing a show for small rural towns
  33. Traveling visual art exhibit - people can come on board and see art; goes to school, etc.
  34. "True Value" or "Worth its Weight?" a project where children/young people estimate the value of famous paintings and an article is written about
  35. Saturday Sessions - bring Brooklyn people to speak to Frederick Douglass Academy IV kids for an hour at Brooklyn cafe(s) with recording and pictures - ACCOMPLISHED*
  36. A Great Day in Brooklyn - ACCOMPLISHED*
  37. Forward Youth - a website powered by Google that links youth programs with institutions & individuals*
  38. Brooklyn Hip Hop Trading Cards
  39. The Reconstruction Period Presents Battle of the Bands: a Brooklyn high school face off
  40. Rebellion in the Hood*
  41. Youtube concert at Lincoln Center or Carnegie Hall featuring Youtube sensations
  42. Special Projects Admin for Frederick Douglass Academy IV*
  43. Article in an urban magazine looking at hip hop artists and religion*
  44. Sitcom about musician in NYC who plays in a house band and his band mates have all sorts of character foibles; name - Trent Gold
  45. From the mouths of babes - book of quotes from young leaders
  46. Create a living poem for every year of my life
  47. Great Day in Poetry
  48. I Am A Woman photo shoot and stories told via Storycorps
  49. DOPESWAN + Phefeni Childrenswear = NYC artists / onesies / orgs*
  50. Point of Reference - interviews via live recording w/ artists sharing their views on visual art
  51. Black Girls Rule article - young women under 30 who connect & celebrate Black Girls
  52. Buttons!*
  53. Brooklyn Student Body President Conference*
  54. Daughters of the Revolution Documentary*
  55. we still colored and considering homicide cuz soap operas ain't enuf: a poem in the pot and a chicken in the dance*
  56. Doo Doo Brown Athletic League - all women's athletic league, every week a new sport
  57. Venue Locator - Brooklyn: The Artist's Way
  58. Brooklyn Youth Blog*
  59. Notecards for NYC Live Artists
  60. Fastgirls Blog/Website - ACCOMPLISHED
  61. Rites of Passage Program
  62. Goddess Circle or Red Tent store & cultural center
  63. Go to school for certificate in Project Management
  64. God Bless the A*
  65. That Was My Shit!: a play about gentrification
  66. New York Hoax: a play about working at the New York Post
  67. "The Teacher's Lounge": a tv show
  68. No one on the planet has swagger like us: Brooklyn Remix*
  69. Swagger Like Us: a reality show*
  70. Stop Snitching Posters*
  71. Getting $ to create art exhibition spaces in public schools
  72. Building Toward Youth Building - creating "green" arts rooftops on NYC schools, youth & community orgs
  73. The Greats: a musical tribute series
  74. Octavia, Nina, Sonia: Women's Herstory Month*
  75. The Stoop Film Series
  76. Ujamaa: Collective Work & Responsibility (2008) - ACCOMPLISHED*
  77. Climbing PoeTree on inauguration stage!*
  78. The Pink Project comes to Brooklyn*
  79. Hip Hop Kwanzaa for Dummies: a book*
  80. African Mixtape with African-American producers and African emcees = Biggest Worldwide Underground CD ever sold
  81. PlanIt Brooklyn: partnership between Ashley Mui & I - ACCOMPLISHED
  82. iPromise: an online video campaign - ACCOMPLISHED
  83. PWS Centennial*
  84. Create a portfolio of all the programs and projects I have done
  85. Triple A - artist, actor, author; each does the "job/role" of another
  86. Sweets & Beats - event with producers sharing tracks (battling/showcasing) & dessert companies doing a tasting simultaneously
  87. Restaurant featuring a shoe menue
  88. Hip Hop Research Company
  89. LOL 101: a program for class clowns*
  90. World Cup BK - soccer teams throughout NYC play in Prospect Park for chance to be flown to the World Cup
  91. Nelson George Roast
  92. Hautejoints.com, forthelove.com, thatsit.com*
  93. Travel to the most intriguing places in the world*
  94. Flag on the Play*
  95. Def Idol*
  96. Book written by a social investor about how to get $ from companies for sponsorship
  97. Pocketchange Productions for Dumb-Ease - blogging about low cost and free event production ideas
  98. Next Great Idea Blog - ACCOMPLISHED
  99. Mother's Day Trips - helping moms and daughters plan trips to locations worldwide
  100. Soapboxing*
  101. Love Resume as a Sister Circle Activity
  102. Brooklyn, Stand UP!: Internships for youth
  103. Pastry Re-Branding - ACCOMPLISHED*
  104. 90 Day Challenge: The Marketable Package - ACCOMPLISHED*
  105. Carol's Daugher: Home Ec - educating girls about skin care
  106. Goal Ubuntu*
  107. for colored gurls who've considered Love - women embellishing parts of their body that they dislike w/ photographers and eventually an exhibition and sharing
  108. A new Manifest Destiny*
  109. Children's Marathon: Who You Run Wit'?
  110. Tyrice is about to Blow Up! How to grow her consulting business
  111. 30 Day Do Its*
  112. Remake of The Wiz*
  113. Interview Taboo creators to find out how they go about selecting words and "no-no" clues
  114. Beyoncé work out class - all workouts are choreography from her songs/videos - ACCOMPLISHED
  115. They Know US, do you know US? a live social-networking game about US trivia
  116. Pangea, a live social-networking game about World History/Trivia
  117. Coloring Book for PIB clients
  118. > <: A Mad for Math Party
  119. First Saturdays - The Stoop; Dream MGMT
  120. Use 30 Day Do Its to grow PIB as a case study for the MVMT
  121. Grow Grant - ACCOMPLISHED
  122. Thank You for Flying (TY4F): a paper airplane competition that forwards STEM education
  123. Freestyle App
  124. Brooklyn Way App
  125. Brooklyn Memorabilia Shop
  126. Something you Must See BK - like a Brooklyn TED Talks, but monthly
  127. FunDoughMentals: Socially Conscious Investing
  128. Preparing your child for 2020 - experts lead conversation on education, health, technology, and the economy
  129. They Will Come - an event to honor 5 brothers annually who have impressed Fastgirls
  130. Sexy Shoes for the Kitchen: a video in support of Stilettos in the Kitchen
  131. First Library Card: a commercial for the Brooklyn Library
  132. A Fastgirls Challenge - Passionate to Purposeful
  133. Chalk accessories (4-finger rings, pendants, baseball caps)
  134. Green Light Project or Project Green Light - a Stoop door-to-door campaign that swaps standard home lighting for energy efficient lighting*
  135. Body Plan - business plan for your body
  136. A Fastgirls Challenge - 40 Day, Life Savers - ACCOMPLISHED
  137. Insurance commercial based on road to settlement*
  138. "Running the F*ck Around" and "Park" - names of scents 
  139. Be Green Commercial
  140. Ask the country: What do Americans want to be known for?
  141. NYC Litter Campaign
  142. The Hook Up: an end to the sponsorship mystery
  143. An event for funders to see extraordinary programs/projects to fund or initiatives to invest in
  144. African print capes for Toddlers & Preschoolers - ACCOMPLISHED
  145. Brooklyn Embassies
  146. S2S Fundraisers - Clothing Swaps, Quizbowls, Phefeni % - ACCOMPLISHED*
  147. Viacom Viewership Challenge - ACCOMPLISHED*
  148. For colored folk who've considered music when the ghetto was enuf: a choreopoem filled with classics
  149. Write a book about dream directing
  150. Kings County Holy Text