“The Houdinis of ideas.” – Chris Kazi Rolle

PlanIt Brooklyn (PIB) is the sole creative consulting company in New York City that focuses on fashioning ground-breaking ways to grow start-ups, emerging leaders, and small institutions in the larger NYC area. A high concept and high touch company, PlanIt Brooklyn specializes in creating artistic and emotional beauty, detecting patterns and opportunities, crafting engaging narratives, and combining seemingly unrelated ideas into novel inventions.

Ashley Mui (Moment Engineer) and Sallomé Hralima (Social Architect), both with roots in the Bay Area, met each other living in Brooklyn, USA in 2007.

Brooklyn Honors Spike Lee: Where's Mars?, a 3-day five-event tribute to a Brooklyn Icon.
Will Work for Food, a campaign to grow the barter movement.
FunDOUGHMentals, a campaign for Acacia Unlimited to help clients grow their dough.
30 Summit 2010, a national conference for 25-35 year old leaders to discuss Legacy.
SFNY, a PlanIt Brooklyn launch.
The SWT Life Convo, NYC teen summit on passions, strengths & purpose.
Making Ish Happen: secrets to getting goals accomplished.
Romance & Finance: a convo exploring how money affects relationships.
Pocket Change Productions: learn how to pull off memorable events on a tight budget, a Skillshare class.

God Bless the A, a collaborative exercise (2016)
LOL 101: turning class clowns to leading comics (2016)
Thank You for Flying (TY4F): a paper airplane competition (2016)

@planitbrooklyn.com, #planitbrooklyn