Thursday, December 6, 2012

I Am From Dreams Affirmed

(As a writing exercise in John-Michael Parker's Coach Gathering, NYC, 2012)

I am from the most powerful intention in the Universe
Daring, fearless, brilliant

I am from Many Lives, Many Masters, spending lifetime after lifetime
Loving, laughing, pushing

I am from daughter after daughter after daughter
Jumping ship, buying freedom, going back for more

I am from the Exploratorium and Monterey Bay Aquarium
Curious, adventurous, whale watching

I am from public school and magnet school and boarding school
Being smart, being poor, being rebellious

I am from jheri curls and braids and beads and relaxers and braids
Wanting it to grow, hating it, ignoring it

I am from Wesleyan and Bank Street and Cape Coast University
Asking questions, attacking systems, building sandcastles

I am from Youth 4 Reparations, Landmark Education, Fastgirls, The Reconstruction Period, The SWT Life, The Future Project
Growing, challenging, growing

I am from dreams affirmed.