Wednesday, December 1, 2010

From Idea to Actualization

Dreams and Purpose are as different as Goals and Vision.

You can have dreams and goals that are not necessarily aligned with your purpose or vision. Gaining mastery in achieving your goals and dreams will be the winning ingredient to fulfilling your purpose or vision.

So, practice, Practice, PRACTICE!

A great resource for being a master at achievement is Making Ideas Happen: overcoming the obstacles between vision and reality by Scott Belsky. The book highlights a framework that Belsky asserts is the key to repeat success. Making ideas happen = Ideas + Organization + Communal Forces + Leadership Capability.

Speaking as a Dream MGR, I'd say this is a solid expression of what it takes to achieve a history of ideas actualized. Prepare for a breakthrough 2011 by giving yourself the gift of Making Ideas Happen.

Read more about Scott Belsky and his creative enterprise, Behance, HERE.