Sunday, January 10, 2010


This project was born out of my frustration that people were/are actually holding President Barack Obama accountable for the things we can control simply from our sheer numbers.

If millions of us can vote, millions of us can recycle, compost, volunteer, educate ourselves about global issues, teach someone to read, deliver food to those who cannot leave home, give blood, ride bikes and walk, grow food, use less water when we bathe, remove "can't" from our vocabulary, write a letter to our local representatives, attend town hall meetings, tithe to a nonprofit, support a local business, send a thank you to a mentor, repurpose household items, start a workout group, drink more water, use homeopathic healing, spend time with a nearby elder, consume less - create more...

Watching the iPromise videos brings me to tears. If even 5 people kept their promise in 2010, what a phenomenal improvement on our existence it would be.

I thank the heavens that I was the conduit for this project - that I get to bear witness to the magic, and empowerment, and declaration that is being generated.

I pray that people watch them and find ways to support those who have made a promise, or make promises of their own.

Thank each and every one of you whom have taken this on with me. Please share this amazing online video campaign with someone you love.