Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Next 90 Day Challenge

Mastery of The Eight Cylinders of Success

We are a part of a powerful clan of women nationwide.

For the passed three years Fastgirls (derived from the very first 40 day challenge which required each woman to fast from some food [e.g. fast food, bleached products, soda]) have participated in 40 and 90 day conference calls that challenged us in the areas of health/fitness, finances, relationships, spiritual development, and creativity. Our mission with these calls is to remove all barriers that would prevent us from stardom/success, offer unwavering support for our sisters' dreams, and to enable our larger community to have access to our growing resources.

Our last 90 day challenge, Mastery of the Four Agreements, ended in November 2009 with amazing results in the areas of health, spiritual growth, and financial grounding.

The next 90 day challenge, Mastery of the Eight Cylinders of Success, is from February 17 - May 18, 2010.

Aim: Each woman completes the challenge as a "Marketable Package"

Measures: Circulate $10,000+ within our community and completion of "Marketable Checklist"

Intention: This program challenges us to create a foundation for wealth creation. It is designed to provide participants with a creative, knowledgeable, and inspiring space to align our personal and professional purposes. By completing this challenge participants will be able to accelerate in our own "lane" without "congestion".

Structure: There are 3 components that forward this intention: workshop-style conference calls, a "Marketable Package" checklist and power networking.

Guest Speakers will join at least 3 separate calls to shed light on how to master elements of the 8 cylinders of success.

Challenge Text: The Eight Cylinders of Success: How to align your personal and professional purpose, Jullien Gordon


Each of the women is required during the challenge to:

· Complete exercises from The 8 Cylinders of Success by Jullien Gordon
· Participate in regularly scheduled workshop calls
· Complete all tasks on "Marketable Package" checklist
· Aid in circulating $10,000 amongst community
· Support their partner(s)

Conference Call:
Primarily Sunday - Wednesday, 9:00PM-10:00PM
February 17 – May 19, 2010 (90 Days, 13 Weeks; 57 days ON + 33 days OFF)