Thursday, February 25, 2010


This Month's30 Day Do It for me is to be on time 90% of the time.

What that looks like for me is Usain Bolt meets Deepak Chopra! I have given my word to so many things that are aligned with my personal & professional purpose that I have 8 regularly scheduled calls or meetings every week. And that's scheduled months out. Forget the lunches, pow-wows, and Criminal Minds dates! That'd bump me up to at least 6 more scheduled things in a week.

I included in "on time": scheduled/agreed times for calls, e-mail correspondence, and physical appointments. If I do not succeed in being on time 90% of the time through Sunday, March 14th, I will have to set aside 5 hours of time for each of my Mastermind teammates, offering them support in whatever they need. That's 35 hours of time spent doing something OTHER than what I want to or need to. But I am sure I'll get the lesson of the impact my being late has when others are waiting for me. I'm sure I've racked up at least 35 total hours people have waited on me in my life. *sigh*

Since one of the four things I am working on in 20-zen includes discipline, it is directly in line with what I am already out to accomplish for myself. Practicing the muscle of INTEGRITY.
Don't try scheduling anything with me until after March 14. :-)

Shout outs to the Masterminds!