Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I'm in the Mastermind Group. It's a 30 Day Do It group with ... counting ... 11 women. I have taken on doing push ups, writing proposals, and collecting videos for my iPromise campaign. But the last one was the most challenging. I declared that this year would be about developing discipline. Participating in the 90 Day Fastgirls Challenge and being a part of a 30 Day Do It are two ways for me to practice. So when I declared that in the last 30 Day Do It I would be on time 90% of the time to all scheduled meetings, I got a lesson in mathematics! I kept finding myself late by 2-4 minutes. Completely unnecessary. And suddenly I was at 10 "lates". Which meant that to get to 90% I had to get near 100 total scheduled events in less than 30 days. I found myself scheduling to help friends get to work on time, and scheduling random chats with friends on their lunch breaks.

It was wild, and fun. I'd travel to places I was supposed to meet people hours early to make sure I couldn't be late. Often I'd be on time and the person I was to meet would be late.I have grown so much. Thirty days of punctuality has led to a new habit formed.

The next 30 Day Do It? Floss for 30 days straight. I've already gone nine days straight. And I am already wondering how I've gone nearly 30 years without flossing daily.