Friday, August 27, 2010

Celebrating 30 in my 30th Year of Life

Last Labor Day weekend (September 2009) I was in Chicago, IL as one of the nation's rising leaders. (See my presentation here.)

What if we had Barack Obama, Steven Spielberg, Meg Whitman, and Rick Warren in one room… 30 years ago? The 30 Summit, by bringing together some of the most brilliant young Americans in one room thinking big about their legacies, seeks to do just that.

The 30 Summit is a gathering of thirty young American leaders (between 25-35) where each delivers a 30-minute presentation solely for the other invitees. Criteria for selection of the presenters is young men and women from all sectors - business, law, NGOs, politics, medicine, fine arts, technology - who have demonstrated the power, ability and willingness to re-shape the country.

The Summit's driving question is: What legacy will our generation leave?

The Summit is an opportunity for change-makers to step outside the narrowness of their fields and the hectic nature of their busy lives to challenge one another to think big. In order to ask what legacy they might leave, they are also asked: What unique challenges will your generation face? What tools will you have at our disposal? What lessons can you learn from previous generations? What can you do today, together, to prepare one another to lead?

This year, I took on the role of Co-Chair for 30 Summit 2010 in New York City and my bestie Ashley Mui is our City Host, making sure that logistics here in NYC are tight. I am proud to say that many of the people I nominated made the cut and BROOKLYN! will be represented well next weekend. (Special shout out to Freddy Anzures, Supa Nova Slom, Justin "Fre" Cozier, Betta Broad, and Danya Steele!)

Oh, and since I always extend opportunities like this to people in my life, I must share that not only are people I know and love represented as Presenters, mon peeps are Sponsors, Partners, and Volunteers too: Lyshaan Hall (Acacia Ultd), Clyde Cole, and Risha Rox, Jullien Gordon, Daricia Mcbeth!

Summit participants include a community organizer, university professors, faith leaders, a hip-hop wellness expert, a World Series of Poker player, government leaders, a former nuclear submarine officer, non-profit leaders, and others. Check out biographies for participating presenters.

Though folks cannot join us, you can follow the tweets real-time Friday, Sep 3-5 - @30Summit or #30Summit.