Monday, September 13, 2010

For My Mom, because AMB reminded me

Read this blog written by comrade Adrienne Marie Brown, for her mother.

My response to her:

AMB... This was written by you for BOTH of our mothers.

There are days I'm telling her something and she's like, "I know."

And I'm like, "You can't know, because I didn't tell you this YET."

And she's like, "I read it on your blog."

Or she'll come right out and ask me in a phone call, "Where were you when you were talking about the youth in that read headwrap with that black & white dress," or "who's Marisha?" And I'll know she'd been reading my blog.

And every emotion (albeit, never was seeing a girl) and every response is a mirror of my relationship with my mother... every one you expressed. So thank you.

For me, today is - and each day always will be - Mother's Day.