Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Education Renaissance

Ken Robinson hyped us up.

Michelle Rhee gave us hope.

Geoffrey Canada provided an example.

Davis Guggenheim made it plain.

This post is my promise to work diligently to put a life coach in every public school in America. Days ago I finished reading Daniel Pink's DRIVE. In it he calls for a "renaissance of self-direction." With the changes that we can see happening in technology, the workforce, in the growing Self-Help and New Age sections in the library, it is clear that people are becoming more autonomous and driven by more than the Almighty Dollar.

Along side what I've learned from Howard Gardner, Edward de Bono, and Carol Dweck, I believe that my goal is worthy of at least a decade of my life.

You bear witness to this declaration. I request that you join me in this journey. Tell others I am working on this. Listen for schools that may be open to having life coaches in their buildings. Reach out to life coaches you know and see if they'd be interested in focusing on youth. Think about people you know who are natural coaches and motivations, with an affinity to the children.

I have my keys (read The 8 Cylinders of Success). I'm ready to start my engine. Who's got shotgun?