Friday, April 22, 2011

20 Things

I am presently in the Self-Love: Reloaded Challenge led by my girl, Akua Soadwa. One of the tasks (we take one action each day to express/experience self-love) was to write 20 things I have done to inspire or activate someone else to be their higher self.

I want to start by recognizing that at some Divine moment in all of existence, I chose the reciprocal enlightening...

  1. When I was five, I encouraged my best friend, Crystal Marrow, to try out and participate in a local talent show - to get beyond her fear and get in action.
  2. My mom was planning to go back to graduate school when I was in boarding school; she asked what I thought and I was completely inspired by her and told her so. In turn, we had this mutual educational support going.
  3. I cheered when my girl Tamika Johnson was let go from her firm, and encouraged her to move abroad.
  4. I also encouraged her to have her first show (photography) at NYU!
  5. I celebrated my girl Raquel Wilson (Habitual Overachiever Since Preschool) when she went to Paris, and then Dakar.
  6. As a member of the Mastermind Group (30 Day Do It Groups nationally, stand up), each month I stand for someone's greatness.
  7. As co-founder of Fastgirls, I create structures, content, and objectives for women to experience rapid personal and professional development.
  8. Since 2004, over 3,000 people in the world have taken the Landmark Forum because of an invitation or a conversation that I had with someone somewhere along the way.
  9. I attempt to reflect Akua Soadwa's light back to her every time I see her, think of her, speak to her.
  10. Jamilah Seifullah and I created The Reconstruction Period, which resulted in The Stoop, Reel to Real Talk, and FACE.
  11. I host a Kwanzaa celebration each year and request that the entire community step it up.
  12. I encouraged kahlil almustafa to finish undergrad.
  13. I was present at Unique A-mar Allah's birth (in the home, through Almitra Gasper's womb).
  14. I spoke on behalf of the community and our role in, and expectations for, Jamilah & Shelton's union.
  15. I encouraged Tamika Brown to explore comedy, because she's f*cking hilarious.
  16. I attended Nadia Lopez & Mott Hall Bridges Academy's ribbon cutting ceremony.
  17. I have long conversations with youth (Nyree, Cassie, Naeemah, Jenay, Malika, Manny, Chris, HACK, Naima, Phill, Siwe).
  18. I push Syreeta Gates as far as my imagination can see her, then I push a little more.
  19. Each time I eat a meal with Ashley Mui, we share the most inspiring moments of gratitude.
  20. I send letters to my little cousin and father, who are both locked up.
*Bonus: I share excerpts of my journal with people in my life in what I call Birthday Books - I give gifts to others on the anniversary of my birth.  I have recently stood with the brothas: Kazi to grow Together Apart, Lyshaan to grow Acacia ULTD, James to grow The Journey Home, Blitz to grow the movement, Jullien to grow the 30 Day Do It Movement, Andrew to do the damn thing in NYC, and Ibrahim to get the damn exam done so he can build his own Taj Mahal.

Thank you for this exercise Akua!