Thursday, October 20, 2011

Yes...A Poem

It’s been a long time
I’ve written a poem

There have been new
babies, and old loves
There have been plenty
executions and Nobel Prizes
for three brown women

Thousands of girls have
been sold into lives of

Emcees have brilliantly
stood on the shoulders of
Angela Y. Davis and Nana Yaa Asantewaa
with rhymes I want
to whisper like lullabies
to my unborn children

Heads of state have been
assassinated and the NYPD
has yet to storm into
Wall Street offices the way they have
trampled us in our homes

Movies have been made
exploring sisters’ obsession
with long, straight hair
wearing colored contacts
hasn’t seemed to go
out of style

Reality television
has enabled everyday people
to witness that money
doesn’t buy happiness
Twitter has helped youth build

The move to elect Obama
has meant we are now also
comfortable with pointing fingers
so so so so many more
are directed back at us

Brothers are once again dressing
like they love themselves
Mumia is getting a new trial

There are white people
in Bed-Stuy
(I repeat)
There are white people
in Bed-Stuy
Biggie’s case is still

Our boys continue to die on BART platforms
via lethal injection
fighting for some white man
in Texas or DC or New York City
to maintain their piece
of their 99% of the global pie

We #occupy the same
spaces, breathe
the same air, make
babies the same way

I believe that
Happiness is the 21st Century Revolution
I think that
Wellness is the 21st Century Revolution
Gratitude is the 21st Century Revolution
No wait
Love is the 21st Century Revolution

We are trading our
black leather gloves for
our NAACP memberships for
trading our college loans for
& pirated cds for
our baseball cards in plastic
and barbies in boxes for
Belief and Initiative

Bc there is Taraji
There is Syreeta
Bc there is Tatyana
There is Nyree
Bc there is Angela
There is Jamilah
Bc there is Beverly
There is me

In the beginning
was the word
& my declaration of independence
begins with
“I am a Black Girl who Rocks...”