Wednesday, August 22, 2012

After My Statement of Purpose

I received an e-mail from Bobak today.  A year ago he was a stranger - calling to ask if he could pay me to help him write his Statement of Purpose for his application to Gallatin.  He'd found mine through a Google search and took a leap of faith by finding my phone number on my blog and calling me.  [That is some -ish I would totally do!]

That communication from him today, thanking me for offering my time to help him and reminding me that he's in New York now - in Brooklyn actually - because (he thinks) of my contribution to him.  It was a humbling e-mail to receive today and so magical...

But!  It reminded me that I hadn't updated people about the chain of events that happened AFTER I applied to Gallatin, got in, and deferred for what I thought would be a year.

Fast forward to October 2011.  My commitment to putting life coaches in America's public schools - reflected in my Statement of Purpose - will be real in 5 days.  In a real way, I actually did create a path of individualized study that'd lead to my dream being fulfilled.  Only, I am sure - without a doubt - that the path The Most High sent me on was much faster than going through graduate school.

I have the profound privilege of having been hired to make real my dream - 8 Dream Directors will serve as life coaches for 8 high schools in America this year.  It is the first of its kind.  And they are a real life Dream Team.  New York, New Haven and DC will have the world's first Dream Directors and thousands of teens will have someone in their school that they can go to to help them make dreams come alive.  I am being paid to craft their role, hire them, and train them.

So Gallatin's NYU... After I build my legacy.