Saturday, January 25, 2014

6 Ways to Develop as a Dream Director

It has been a privilege to serve as Chief Dream Director for The Future Project.  The results we have achieved as an organization are astounding.  And I am clear that it has everything to do with the genius known as Dream Director.

Six Ways to Develop your Dream Directing Skills

  1. Get Curious. Find out the big and small dreams, goals and aspirations of people you care about.  Start asking people what legacy they are working to leave or dreams or goals they are actively pursuing at networking events, impromptu gatherings, and on first meetings.  It is a true conversation starter when you are on a date and ask, "So what legacy are you hoping to leave on the planet?"  But most importantly, you start to learn so much more about people and what drives them when you get curious.  It sets you up to assist them in actualizing these things.
  2. Contribute.  After you have a sense of the passions, goals, and aspirations of others, look for resources that could push them.  Someone tells you they dream of running a marathon, send an email to that person and your one friend that completed the ING recently and connect them.  If your 10 year old mentee dreams of being a DJ, send them to Scratch DJ Academy or Dubspot.  If a friend says they'd like to turn their side hustle into a lucrative business, send them to
  3. Challenge Yourself.  Always be in pursuit of your own dream and practicing your own passions.  How can you support others in fulfilling on a dream if you're removed from the emotional, mental, spiritual, and sometimes, physical effort required.  It is imperative that you can say: "I understand what you're talking about.  I am (was) dealing with something similar just last week as I was working on..."  You are better able to offer sound advice when you presently share the passion for the completion of something.
  4. Be Bold.  Try out the thing people are most afraid of doing: speak publicly, skydive, create a dating profile or go on a blind date, travel to a new place alone, pose nude for an art class, leave a job to pursue a dream, write a book, perform at a talent show, read all of the world's holy texts, do a triathlon, share your dreams for the world, start a business or organization, be vulnerable, offer your help/volunteer, take on a challenge, borrow money!  If you can relate to the things others are most afraid of doing, you can help walk people through the emotional freeze that leads to no action.
  5. Be Interested.  Read books and take classes that give you better insight into yourself and others. Read about seemingly unconnected ideas.  Use your library card.  Allow yourself to go down the Wiki rabbit hole and have links that interest you guide your learning.  Go to talks and watch TED Talks.  Ask friends to suggest books, conferences, print and online magazines that they most value.  These could lead to a breakthrough for you or someone you know.  This also requires that you listen and read carefully; be discerning, ask questions, challenge your mind and your heart.
  6. Create Opportunities.  Organize dinners, potlucks, panels, brainstorming sessions, and 30-day challenges for yourself and others regularly.  You'll meet amazing people with tons of resources and experiences and push everyone to be better, do better, and dream bigger.  Many of the successes of people I am close to can be attributed to making a connection at one of these events.  And when people invite you to these kinds of things - go!
I have lived the Dream Director life for nearly 28 years.  As my fulfilled dreams get bigger, so too does my ability to assist others in doing the same.

Our family, peers, elders, and children deserve to focus their life energy on what lights them up.  How will you grow your Dream Directing skills today?