Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mary Poppins was a Dream Director

Dream Directors in Pop Culture
Compiled by Ian Temple

  • The Man with No Name in A Fistful of Dollars: A man from the outside with strong moral code and independence comes in to town and shakes up status quo; empowers others to fight. 
  • Mary Poppins: Disrupts dysfunctional family institution by unleashing people within it and changing the culture. 
  • Maria from The Sound of Music: Disrupts dysfunctional family institution by helping each individual find his/her voice and changing the culture. 
  • The Good Witch/the Tornado in The Wizard of Oz: Force for change and guidance; encourages risk-taking. 
  • The Genie in Aladdin: Grants wishes for Aladdin, but real power comes from advice and helping Aladdin discover himself; acts as inner voice. 
  • Professor X of the X-Men: Develops only school to help young mutants discover their identities and explore their superpowers. 
  • John Keating in Dead Poets Society: Professor of English who encourages students to dare to live extraordinary lives and follow their passions. 
  • Andy Dufresne in Shawshank Redemption: Outsider; independent; comes into prison and destroys the status quo by inspiring others to believe that more is possible. 
  • Sister Mary Clarence in Sister Act: Outsider comes to convent; disrupts status quo through music and helping singers find their voice. 
  • Lean on Me: New principle Joe Louis Clark comes to school and shakes up status quo; breaks system rules; demands high expectations from staff and students alike. 
  • Jedi Knights in Star Wars: Elite force that exists to protect freedom in the galaxy; channels the force. 
  • Roberto Nascimento and BOPE: Fictional Brazilian police officer known for changing up the way the Brazilian police operates in favelas; introduced more community-based approach.
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