Sunday, February 9, 2014

Education? Business. As usual.

Educator, KC Wilbourn tweeted: "The only time an institution is willing to change is when their way of doing business is threatened."

I once suggested that we work with young people to choose a school year and refuse to take standardized tests. A sit-in focused on the business of education. I believed that if we educated our young people about the industry, they could own a movement to transform public education in this country.

It would start with students from one school, getting students in their district, then in the city, then spread via social media across the nation. And educational policymakers and leaders would be forced, willing or not, to change. But I listened to those with more fear, more logic, and ditched the idea. 

Daily... I imagine the impact it would have if students came to schools on the day of a major exam, sat at their desks, were handed the test, and each and everyone in 1, 2, 5, 20 schools sat through the duration of the exam without opening a page. And with a few students as spokespeople in each school, a national conversation with young people demanding that test makers, leaders, etc speak about the lack of assessment that matches their individual needs.