Saturday, March 1, 2014


There was this project I was invited to be a part of.  


365 people would share their day with the world and the curators would upload it to the site.  My day was May 14, 2011.  And this is what I shared.

I may just run for Mayor of New York.  I have a campaign strategy that I proved today will win the hearts of the buppies, old ladies, store owners and babies.

Campaign Strategy #1: Be generous.
I wake up with an orange OSHO book on the bureau. I didn’t put it there.  So, being the information whore that I am, I read the first page.  A quote from Socrates strikes me; I tweet a message to the world: “I want to be the kind of person where wherever I move, with whomsoever I move, I am loving. #ReminderfromOsho” 

Campaign Strategy #2: Be accountable and count-on-able.
The practice of self-discipleship begins. Today’s message from the self-love jar: “I bring fabulous things to fruition.”  Perfect. Hit compose on my Gmail account, autofill finishes Frank’s name – my Wealth Building Coach. Subject line, the usual: #ProsperityPowerHour.  I type the four areas – Spiritual, Mental, Material, Physical – and begin my process. 

Campaign Strategy #3: Be empowered.
What can I wear today to make a cynical and resigned New Yorker smile... Rock my crown! Open the door of my building and play “Breath of Fresh Air” – my iPod morning playlist.

Campaign Strategy #4: Be personable.
Step on the train, and what do I find? A little girl is also wearing a golden crown. 
“Look mommy, a Queen.”
“Yes, she’s a Queen and what are you?”
With a toothy grin, she says, “A princess.”
 “Your crown is amazing,” I tell her. “Where’d you get it?”
“Me and mommy made it.”
“You did a great job.”
I spend the train ride with Jasey, her mom and little sister.  Before we step off the G train I tell her, “Jasey, you made my day. If I didn’t do another thing today but have this train ride with you, it may very well have been the best day ever.”

Platform: Crowns, wings, and magic wands for everyone.
Today there were many deep bows, “Birthdays?“, “All hail the Queens!”, and children pointing and yelling out “Look, a King!” I’ve never seen so many smiles in New York City.  Mayor Bloomberg may want to use his one dollar a year salary and invest in a Burger King crown.

(365 exactly)

Sallomé is a Social Architect for PlanIt Brooklyn. She makes living itself an art, by any dreams necessary. Follow her musings @Sallome.