Thursday, December 3, 2009

"Next Great Idea" Idea

March 10, 2006

So on March 4, 2006 Alicia Boone gave me this journal. Earlier that morning she had made us pancakes and I thought of an idea I thought her editor friend could take on. I am always coming up with cool ideas (toot toot!). And I always wish I could either do them all or have some people who believed in me and my vision so much that they'd take it on. Thanks to Alicia, now I can at least write them down! Because who knows? Maybe one day I'll have all the resources and leadership skills needed to take all of them on for real FOR REAL!

That is the opening page of my actual "Next Great Idea" book (as seen in the photo). I started writing down each idea as it came into the book. They are numbered and I've created an index.

Since I am more interested in being a source for great ideas and them happening than I am in my actually doing them, I have chosen to post them. If you are able to use them, have a similar idea, or want to see it happen, HOLLA!

They are entered sometimes with lots of description, and other times as a phrase.

A number of them are realities: going on tour with Climbing PoeTree (#6), run a 5K with Evelyn (#8), Spike Lee Tribute (#25), The Stoop (#35), and on and on.

Let's make some more of this happen! See the growing list HERE.