Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Next Great Idea #16

(Images by Betty Bastidas. Pictured - 1: Yosef, 2: Nabii & Yosef, 3: Yosef, Nabii, Jaha)

Jaha testimonial about her mom, education, and belief in what's possible.

(Mama Nabii & Baba Yosef created Kuumba Academy in New Orleans, LA. It was a school that used Hip Hop and community development to educate children. When the levees broke, they were stranded on their roof and eventually flown to NYC after Jaha called her connect from BET from her cell phone. Her audition in NYC the week before was the reason she had the one non-New Orleans phone number to call and get through to as they watched helicopters pass them by. In 2006 I produced a benefit concert at M1-5 Bar called Kuumba's Family Reunion to raise money to help rebuild the school.)