Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ask Nyree

What is the worst thing a parent can ask their child when they come in from school?

The worst thing parents can do is ask us to clean our room, do chores or run an errand for them. They have legs! We’re tired. We need to relax. We have a job too – school. [Mother chimes in: "Y’all suck at your job!"] Look Buddy, we don’t criticize how well y’all do at your job. Why are you all up in ours?

Lesson in Youth Development

Our children – especially in their teenage years – have similar needs to their parents. When we come home we are coming to enjoy our sanctuary. We are hoping to do the things that make us smile, that ease our nerves. We want to hear loving and supportive words from our partners and spouses. We want to come home to people who have a genuine interest in how we are doing and to feel that we have the emotional, spiritual, physical, and material support we need.

I know parents whose children never came home. The last thing they said to their children was some complaint about their room or academic standing. Every time they come home, show them love. Every time. What you have to say after that, say it in love. Your relationship with your child(ren) will be transformed.

*Ask Nyree is a weekly response to the questions you always wanted answered by a teen.