Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Hot Mess becomes New Focus

In July I posted a blog about how little progress I was making due to the many projects I work on at a time. My friend, Chris Kazi Rolle, talks a lot about "no's" being a yes to what you're really committed to. Being a Brooklynite, it is easy to find yourself supporting a friend's career or project, your roommate's love life, and tutoring or mentoring your neighbor's kid.

It may have been that it was summer time, and there's so much popping, especially in New York City. But whatever the case, July was overwhelming. But 8Women happened and was great. I had an amazing experience in Jamaica at the Lil Raggamuffin Summer Camp. Tyrice's wedding was beautiful. The 30 Summit was so super dope that I want to do it again. And SFNY... Let's just say I would party like a 25 year old again if all the parties were like that - grown, sexy, fun, and with shoe game that made me salivate. (Oh, the rooftop and Bay Area homies were the best part.)

And now... I have new focus. When I get down to four items, I'll be ready for marriage and babies. Ha!

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