Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Skinny on TEDxBrooklyn

I posted two tweets about TEDxBrooklyn. My network wanted to know: "...yeah, what's the skinny?!"

Why did I want to connect to the folks putting together TEDxBrooklyn? My company is PlanIt Brooklyn (for crying out loud), I am a huge TED fan, and I know people. As someone who has helped produced at least 8 extraordinary events in the past two years, I figured I could be of service. And I wanted to know why now, why Brooklyn?

Meet Tegy. A New Yorker by way of India. A father and visionary. A new friend.

The answers I wanted.

When I first got to tell Spike Lee about Brooklyn Honors Spike Lee he asked me: “Who’s Brooklyn?” And here I go: “Tegy? Neva heard a ya.”

The team has seen a number of iterations. I started out with one team, and at some point I was by myself. The people who are working on the project now were not the same ones I started this with nine months ago.

(*I can relate.)

A TED Talks in Brooklyn?! Fuggouttahere!

TEDxBrooklyn: One Moves Many. TED licenses the use of its brand to TED-esque events globally. There will be TEDxBrooklyn Labs, talks, music, a pre-event at Brooklyn Bowl on November 10th, and a [top-secret interview with a top-secret guest that everyone who loves TED will want to see; it’s top secret].

What date do I need to block out of my calendar and where will folks that missed the promo need to avoid (as to not feel like a jerk)?

Saturday, November 13th at Pratt Institute (Brooklyn Campus), 200 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

As my nephew would say: “Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?”

People look to TED for answers. Brooklyn has some of the most innovative people in the world making an impact through architecture, fine arts, technology, activism… you name it, you can find it in Brooklyn. So why not bring TEDx to the place where so many solutions come from?

Dream It. PlanIt. Do It. (PlanIt Brooklyn's motto. We find this is how ideas are realized.)

Speakers were nominated based their history of launching movements, their use of emerging technologies and ability to merge and propel communities.

I looked all over Brooklyn for the perfect place to have this event. After months of site visits, Pratt was the best fit. Its history, its reputation in architecture and design; it’s perfect. It could have taken place in other places, to fit one agenda or another. Ultimately, the mission is bigger than us. These nine months have been like having a third child.

What does all this mean for Sallomé and PlanIt Brooklyn?

PIB has offered many people and organizations what we call the Holy Shift Factor. With TEDxBrooklyn, we are helping to get the top secret speaker and to secure twenty special gifts for the speakers. It will have the PlanIt Brooklyn stamp. I live for these historical moments.

To participate in TEDxBrooklyn on Saturday, November 13, visit and purchase your ticket.