Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Growing an Expert

There are two phrases I find myself using lately: Dreams Affirmed, and the tagline in my blog header By Any Dreams Necessary.

I have been working to fulfill my own dreams and attempting to aid others in supporting their dreams since I was - hell! In the womb. I sent out a newsletter entitled: I pray our work is not empty. In it I listed the ways I believed I've been living the life of a Dream MGR. My abridged CV for that would be as follows:

1980: encouraged Lucille Hralima to do whatever it takes to bring life into the world (that'd be me).....
1985: coached my best friend, Crystal Marrow, to pursue her dream of dancing in the Oldemeyer Center Talent Show
1993: challenged and encouraged Rita Chambers, Monique Akers, and Carla Boxell to get straight A's
1995: led a town hall meeting, campus-wide petition, and letter writing campaign for the rights of boarding school students
2000: created Black Out Day at Wesleyan University to draw attention to racial profiling in Middletown, CT
2002: co-founded Youth4Reparations
2003: 3rd Grade Teacher
2005: co-created a community Sister Circle & produced Kuumba's Family Reunion
2006: joined the staff of world leading personal development company Landmark Education
2007: co-created Fastgirls & co-founded The Reconstruction Period & The Stoop, became Community Liaison for DOPE SWAN
2008: produced A Great Day in Brooklyn, for colored girls: an abbreviated reading, and served as Solution Cipher Facilitator in Hurricane Season
2009: co-created PlanIt Brooklyn with Ashley Mui, produced Brooklyn Honors Spike Lee, iPromise, and Brooklyn Influence, on the coordinating committee for Sista-2-Sista Youth Summit & Lil Raggamuffin Summer Camp
2010: chaired the 30Summit 2010

Coming Soon: The SWT Life, Thank You for Flying, We Still Colored

(Photo by Lani Stanbery)