Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Serendipity? Naw, My Life.

On November 1st I happened to be watching Jimmy Fallon when Russell Simmons was on. He did a headstand. I remembered why I love Russell Simmons.

On November 2nd, while on my Jet Blue flight to San Jose, I decided I was going to purchase Russell Simmons' Super Rich and read it before THX GVG.

On November 13th I told Syreeta that we should have Russell Simmons (the Why) or Will Smith (the Why) deliver a keynote at The SWT Life. She agreed that that would be SWT!

I decided I was going to go purchase Super Rich and Making Ideas Happen today. I see a tweet from @UncleRush that asks what we think about his book cover. I make my first post with his handle, letting him know what I thought about his choice. Three hours later I have a conversation with a friend. He tells me he's working to get certified in The Transcendental Meditation technique. I don't know what it is. He tells me that Russell Simmons is working to get it in schools nationally. WTF?!

I immediately go to Borders, Super Rich isn't in the store. *deep sigh* I get home and turn on the television. It is on BET because I was watching the Black Girls Rock! Awards for the 3rd time. What is on? The Mo'nique Show with who else - Russell Simmons as the guest.

So... Now what do I do?