Sunday, December 5, 2010

30 Day Done It

I wanted to share how Jullien PurposeFinder Gordon's 30 Day Do It Movement (started for us in Nov 2009) has impacted some Brooklyn girls.

The Mastermind Group has had 11 women participate in creating 30 Day Do Its - goals that we promise to fulfill within 30 days. We've set our meetings to every 3rd or 4th Sunday for a year now. This November was our 1 year anniversary.

The following are some of the goals we've accomplished. Read the rest if you want to hear how we've used this structure in our lives. Watch the video to see how much fun we have while doing it. I'm very proud of us, and encourage everyone in this community to start or revive your 30 Day Do It Group! (CLICK HERE FOR OUR "CHALLEEEEENGE!" VIDEO)

Ashley "Gratitude Guru" Mui has used her 30 Day Do Its to grow a gratitude movement. It has birthed Gratuity, Inc. During her year she has created a gratuity postcard series, hosted handmade thank you card parties, encouraged others to send her their 5-min lists of gratitude, posted things she was grateful for on FB for 50+ days straight, produced THX GVG - a gratitude party complete with gratitude videos and thank you card making, opened an Etsy shop, created a Vimeo channel for the gratitude videos, and started a Tumblr site to share her experiences of Gratitude in the world. She is evidence of what is possible when you use your 30 Day Do Its to forward one idea.

Marisha Scott (aka Risha Rox) has used her 30 Day Do Its to explore her ethereal, creative, and professional lives. She has gone through The Artists' Way, posted blogs of her face art, and done "reality/dream" checks. Her latest work is an amazing example of her growth over this year.

Cassandra "Cassie" Sanchez - our youngest Mastermind - has used her 30 Day Do Its for academic goals and to prepare for college. With college admissions, a volleyball season, and her last summer before heading to college, she has effectively used our group to support her journaling, scheduling, essay writing, athletic performance and to get the most out of her internship. She is our pride and joy.

Peta-Gaye "The Wellness Warrior" Williams has used the Mastermind Group to aid her in forwarding her journey as a warrior. With meditation, exercise, therapeutic devices and vegan baking in her 30 Day Do It history, she has shown us all how important it is to balance what we do for others with how we take care of ourselves. She is why our monthly gatherings include fresh fruit and organic food items! Support her 5K run to raise money for the 2011 Sista-2-Sista Youth Summit.

Alicia "Culture Connector" Boone is on her way to opening Sweet Karma Cafe in the near future. Though her 30 Day Do Its have included supporting others in their health efforts and handwriting letters to family in the midwest, she always comes back to "what will it take to grow this cafe?" After interviewing various cafe owners, creating an outline for her cafe's future, and reading books to support the journey, she has excited all of us about having an artistic space to sip on organic hot chocolate and some of Peta-Gaye's vegan pastries in the future.

Bianca Briggs is our social justice maven. With her waging Franklin Ave clean-ups as her cost for not fulfilling goals, she has used her 30 Day Do Its to photograph strangers, read books to deepen her understanding of the students she works with, and choosing to reduce waste and expenses by preparing lunches for work. Her dedication is simply inspiring.

And me? Well, I have been all over the place with my 30 Day Do Its. From weight loss efforts, to the iPromise campaign, producing my 4th Birthday Book to creating packaging for my childrenswear line, flossing daily to being on time 90% of the month for all scheduled mtgs and calls. My goals would look (from the outset) like there's no rhyme or reason. Nevertheless, each one enabled me to conquer something I'd been putting off. I am a demonstration of how to use 30 Day Do Its to end procrastination.

So... there you have it. Inspired yet?

(Photo courtesy of Quazimotto.On.Wax)